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Our Mission

Genesis Sports Performance builds dominant athletes by increasing their speed, agility and first step explosive power so that they can play at the college level.
We guarantee to Increase Vertical Jump by 3 inches and improve speed by 1 mph within 30 training sessions or we’ll train you for free until you do reach it.

Our Team


Owner  & CEO

For Graham Wilkerson, the owner of Genesis Sports Performance, there's nothing more rewarding than witnessing an athlete's confidence soar as they achieve new levels of success. It's that feeling of empowerment that has driven his mission since founding Genesis in 2014. An all-state defensive lineman in high school, Graham knows what it takes to excel at the highest levels of competition. He carried that drive to DePauw University, where he was honored as Defensive Lineman of the Year and won the prestigious Monon Bell MVP award. But Graham's true calling was realized off the field, where he discovered a passion for coaching and mentoring athletes. Armed with a master's degree in Athletic Coaching Education from Ball State University and an arsenal of elite certifications - including CSCS, USAW, CPPS 1 & 2, WSBB Special Strength, FMS, and FRC - Graham has dedicated his career to crafting programs that bring out the best in every client. From the raw rookie embarking on their fitness journey to the finely-tuned Division 1 athlete, he designs customized strength and conditioning plans to systematically build skills, strength, and mental fortitude. At the core of Graham's philosophy is the belief that every individual possesses unique talents waiting to be unlocked. By fostering an environment of trust, hard work, and unwavering support, he guides clients to shed their insecurities and reshape their mindsets for success. When he's not on the Genesis floor coaching, you'll likely find Graham practicing what he preaches - pursuing his own physical challenges through strength training and jiu-jitsu. It's all part of a lifestyle committed to uncovering the physical and mental grit that allows people to surpass limits and redefine their potential. So whether you're an athlete with your sights set on the next level or someone striving to uplevel your fitness, Graham's message is simple: Don't be intimidated. The Genesis team will meet you where you are and empower you to surpass where you thought possible. Your path to a stronger, more confident future is waiting.

Coach Kendrick murphy

 Director Of Sports Performance

Kendrick Murphy lives for those moments when he witnesses clients accomplishing goals they once thought impossible. As Genesis' Director of Sports Performance, he brings boundless energy and a passion for helping others unlock their full physical potential. Kendrick's own athletic journey began on the gridiron and track at Arizona Christian University, where he shattered records as an All-American wide receiver. But his true inspiration comes from within - a perpetual drive to push himself and others to new heights through grueling "heavy days" of maximum effort training. When you first meet Kendrick, you're instantly struck by his warm presence and unwavering positivity. He has a gift for making Genesis' elite training facility feel like an extension of family. His advice for newcomers? "Be ready to work hard and have fun doing it." With Kendrick's guidance, you'll give every rep your absolute all while reveling in the thrill of self-improvement. Certified in physical preparation and CPR first aid, Kendrick's expertise goes far beyond just strength and conditioning. He's a mentor committed to unlocking the champion mindset in every client. Under his watchful coaching, you'll find the courage to confront grueling workouts and the fortitude to power through plateaus. Because in Kendrick's world, there is no such thing as a fitness dead-end - only a new starting line for greater accomplishments.

Coach caleb

General Manager

In the world of strength and conditioning, there are coaches, and then there are life-changers like Caleb. With a Bachelor's in Kinesiology from IUPUI and certifications as a CPT, CPR and AED instructor, Caleb brings a wealth of knowledge to Genesis. But it's his passion for unleashing the potential in every client that truly sets him apart. For Caleb, the most rewarding moments come when he witnesses athletes grasping skills that transcend the gym floor. It's that "aha" moment when they realize the lessons of perseverance, discipline and teamwork aren't just for the weights room, but for life itself. You can feel his pride beam as he recounts stories of past clients taking those intangible strengths into the world beyond sports. When Friday rolls around, you'll find Caleb living out one of his biggest joys - an upper body blast alongside "the boys." There's just something special about pushing through that shared struggle and bonding over heavy iron. It's in those moments that the culture of celebration he so cherishes at Genesis comes alive. Whether it's a 90-pound grandma or a 290-pound linebacker, Caleb finds equal delight in every client's "level up" moment. Maybe it's a new personal record on the squat rack, or maybe it's just showing up consistently for a year straight. Whatever the achievement, you can bet he's letting out a booming "Heck yeah!" that echoes through the gym. For the newbies nervous about taking that first step, Caleb's advice is simple: Have fun with it. Don't get hung up on overnight results. Trust the process, embrace the grind, and forge yourself anew - one rep, one droplet of sweat, one bone-rattling yell at a time. With coaches like Caleb blazing the trail, champions are simply inevitable at Genesis.

Coach Derek Berggren

 Director Of Adult Fitness

From an early age, Derek understood the transformative power of fitness and athletics. Working out and playing sports provided an outlet, a source of positivity that shaped his perspective on life. Now, as an Exercise Science graduate and certified coach at Genesis, Derek is devoted to sharing that same experience with others. For Derek, there's no greater feeling than witnessing a client's face light up after hitting a new milestone. Whether it's shedding unwanted pounds, adding more weight to an exercise, or simply showing up consistently - Derek celebrates those hard-won victories right alongside his clients. His favorite moment? "Whenever a client realizes they've hit a milestone," he beams. Not surprising for someone whose own fitness inspiration was rooted in the uplifting feelings exercise brought to his own life. Derek's coaching philosophy is a seamless blend of dedication and lightheartedness. "The best part about being a coach at Genesis is having fun with the clients while pushing them at the same time," he says. When you step into one of Derek's training sessions, be prepared for an equal dose of motivation and laughter. Though his exercise diet consists primarily of lower body workouts ("My favorite is definitely the squat"), his true calorie burn comes from the infectious energy he brings to every rep and run. To anyone pondering their first visit to Genesis, Derek's advice is simple: "Come in with an open mind, be prepared to lift and have fun." It's a reflection of the man himself - an endless reservoir of encouragement who recognizes that enjoying the journey is just as important as crushing the destination.


Coach Cody

Marketing Director and Coach

Cody's story is one of resilience, rebirth, and the unwavering belief that our greatest challenges can reshape us into forces for positive change. A decade-long struggle with alcohol and drug addiction had left him adrift, but the disciplines of combat sports became his lifeline, igniting a passion that would redefine his future. Today, Cody stands as a seasoned sports performance coach, his journey a testament to the transformative power of fitness. Armed with an arsenal of certifications – from personal training and strength conditioning to TRX, Russian Kettlebell, and CrossFit – he wields a diverse skill set to empower individuals from all walks of life. Yet, it is Cody's personal odyssey that forms the backbone of his coaching philosophy. He understands that true growth often emerges from the depths of adversity, and his approach is rooted in simplicity, sustainability, and tailoring programs to individual needs. The "minimal effective dose," as he calls it, a principle that ensures his clients achieve maximum results without unnecessary complexity. Cody's impact extends far beyond the gym's four walls. He has guided a 67-year-old client through a remarkable recovery from lead poisoning to box squatting 405 lbs and unlocking physical feats that defied expectations. He has instilled confidence in clients, propelling them toward career advancements they once deemed unattainable. From Navy SEALs to professional athletes, D1 competitors to everyday individuals seeking a healthier existence, Cody's diverse clientele reflects his ability to connect with the innate drive within us all. His own athletic pursuits – cage fighting, competitive CrossFit, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and ultrarunning – echo the relentless pursuit of excellence he inspires in others. In Cody Rhinehart, one finds more than a coach; one discovers a living embodiment of the human spirit's boundless resilience. His life's work is a testament to the power of determination, the beauty of second chances, and the belief that our greatest victories often emerge from the ashes of our darkest moments.

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