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Genesis Online provides the same results- oriented coaching as our in-person training program.
With our online program you will receive an individualized training program based on your unique needs, goals, equipment, and training history. Our online program consists of an initial onboarding call and weekly check-ins to ensure you are making progress and reaching y
our health and fitness goals.

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Your personalized program will be delivered weekly to your phone through our Train Heroic training app. You will have access to a Genesis certified coach who will help guide you through your program and provide accountability.


Check out some of our awesome clients results from the Genesis training program!


Lee lost 3% bodyfat in just 6 weeks strength training 4x/week and implementing new nutrition habits.

Nikki Genesis.png

Since she started training with Genesis Nikki has lost 18lbs and is down 5% body fat.

Kim Genesis.png

Kim lost an outstanding 4.6% bodyfat over a 6-week period. Over the course of the 6 weeks Kim utilized our nutrition coaching, 4x a week resistance training program, and accountability check-ins with our coaches.

Timmy Genesis.png

Timmy’s been training at Genesis for 4 months and his results have been outstanding. In his first 3 months of training of training, Timmy has gained more than 2 pounds of muscle.

Timmy has noticed improved core stability and strength along with a handful of impressive PRs on his compound lifts.

Ethan Genesis.png

Ethan’s transformed his strength and body composition this past year through Genesis.

In January, he lost 3% body fat in a 6-week period while implementing new nutrition habits and incorporating resistance training into his schedule.

At this point, he’s consistently deadlifting upwards of 450-500lbs. That’s a huge jump from his original capacity when he started training.


“Genesis is Life Changing! I basically started from scratch about 2 months ago. I can’t say enough about the coaches. All Genesis Staff are amazing. I am so grateful for their expertise, patience, and dedication. Adult strength training is so important. Genesis provides excellent guidance and a fun atmosphere. Wish I could give Genesis more than 5 stars!”

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