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Resisted Sprinting

In the past 10 years as a speed coach I have seen and experimented with every training modality available to help get athletes faster. If I had to choose one method to improve speed in team sport athletes, it would be resisted sprinting.

Resisted Sprinting the best method to improve acceleration. Here is why, when an athlete reaches their top speed they are no longer accelerating. There is a very small window of time that top speed can be held before the athlete begins decelerating. This is especially true for team sport athletes that might not have as much exposure to top end speed training as a track athlete. Resisted sprinting trains athlete to maintain high ratios of horizontal force throughout the sprint thus prolonging their acceleration. An athlete that is able to accelerate longer reduces the risk of achieving maximum velocity too early and decelerating too quickly, this is paramount not only to improve sport performance but also to perform well in say the 40 or 60-yard dash.

Resisted sprinting is an amazing tool to improve acceleration, however there is one caveat that delineates its effectiveness, load specificity. I see many people implementing resisted sprinting with bands, sleds, treadmills, etc. however the benefits are not nearly as impressive until a coach applies individualized loads to the resistance (I know this from experience as I have done it the other way). At Genesis we have 3 unique speed training devices called “Run Rockets” which allow us to prescribe different loads to athletes with different training ages, strength levels, and abilities. This allows us to effectively “hack” an athlete’s speed as we can implement the load that will lead to direct speed improvements in each individual athlete. There is no guessing, the athlete gets faster.

We are beginning a cycle of spring speed programs at both of our locations located at 5111 E 65th Street in Indianapolis and 9801 Mayflower Park Drive in Carmel. We would love for you to join us in the quest for speed this off-season. If you are interested simply respond to this email with the subject line “SPEED.”

- Coach Graham

P.S. Whenever you are ready here are 3 ways that I can help right now.

1. Schedule a Free Speed Assessment – A certified coach will take you through a variety of tests and prescribe you the best exercises you need to be doing to immediately improve your speed. Simply send us an email with the subject line “Speed Assessment”

2. Schedule a Free Vertical Jump Assessment – Some athletes need more plyometric training to improve their vertical, some athletes need resisted jumping. It shouldn’t be a guessing game. We can help you identify how you need to train to add 3-4 inches to your vertical in the next few months. Send us an email with the subject “Vertical Jump”

3. Try a Free Sports Performance Class -Our sports performance classes are designed to create faster, stronger, and more explosive athletes. We have 2 locations in Indianapolis and Carmel as well as multiple class offerings to fit your busy schedule. Simply respond “Sports Performance and we will get you the details.

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