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Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?
Our holistic sports performance program is specifically designed to help team sport athletes like you improve your speed, explosiveness, and on-field performance. With a comprehensive approach and expert guidance, we'll unlock your full athletic potential. 

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Here's what our program offers: 

Speed Training: Our specialized speed training sessions focus on developing acceleration, maximum velocity, and multi-directional speed. Through targeted exercises and techniques, athletes can expect to gain an average of 2mph in peak speed within just three months of training. 


Power Training: We utilize specialized jumps and plyometric exercises to enhance your power in the specific planes of movement required by your sport. By incorporating these dynamic movements, athletes can expect to see a significant 3-inch increase in their vertical jump height in just three months. 


Strength Training: Our program incorporates strategic resistance training to improve your rate of force development. By targeting specific muscle groups and utilizing sport-specific exercises, athletes learn to display their strength quickly and effectively during competition. This aspect of our program focuses on developing the essential areas of the body that are crucial for optimal sport performance. 


Structural Integrity: We prioritize the core strength and stability of our athletes. Through targeted core work and high-repetition band exercises, we strengthen tendons and ligaments, promoting resilience and reducing the risk of injury. A strong foundation leads to enhanced performance on the field. 


Recovery: We understand the importance of recovery in optimizing performance. Our program includes dedicated recovery sessions to help athletes regenerate and perform at their peak. Through mobility and flexibility exercises, we ensure that your body remains agile and ready for the demands of your sport.


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Graham is the Owner/Coach of Genesis Sports Performance. He is a certified Strength & conditioning, speed & agility, and a certified physical preparation specialist. He has his master’s degree in athletic coaching education.

Graham was an all-state defensive lineman in high school and went on to play at DePauw University where he had the honor of being awarded defensive lineman of the year and Monon Bell MVP.

He has a strong history in training youth athletes to NFL players. Westside barbell certified special strengths coach.



Schedule a complimentary diagnostic assessment with our expert coaches. This assessment allows us to identify any force and velocity deficiencies, enabling us to develop a personalized training program tailored to your specific needs and goals. 


What Our Members Say

This is the best gym in Indy. Everyone is so helpful and nice. The atmosphere is great, the people are nice and helpful, and you get work done.
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