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Mobility And Baseball

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

In the 14 years, I have been training athletes and coaching baseball, I’ve seen bad players, average players, good players and elite players. One thing has remained constant. I have never seen an elite player with poor mobility. I have seen good players become elite by increasing mobility, and most of the arm or back injuries I have seen have almost always been in players with inhibited mobility.

So, what’s the message here? If you want to be an elite baseball player or an elite athlete in any sport, with a low risk of injury you had better be working on your mobility.

How you move is the foundation of your athleticism. Plain and simply Power and Speed is what everyone is after and for good reason but both of those are inhibited by poor or below average mobility. That’s why we take mobility so seriously here at Genesis Sports Performance.

If you are looking for a mobility hack, and not a long-term solution you won’t maximize your performance potential and will be settling for average or worse. Is that a risk you are willing to take? Mobility is a long-term commitment just like strength training. Doing a little here and there just won’t cut it. You may have good mobility now but could easily start to see a decline. In fact, you can see a decrease in mobility in pitches as a game progresses.

There was a study done by Mike Reinold (a physical therapist whom I respect that specializes in overhead throwers) on pitchers and it has been proven over and over again that are a simple 40-50 pitch bullpen session range of motion is decreased by roughly 10 degrees in both shoulder internal and external rotation and around 3 degrees in elbow extension. You can read Mike’s study here.

How does Genesis Sports Performance attack the mobility issue? First, we recommend a mobility screen called a SPARC assessment for all of our members. This is a $99 service worth its weight in gold performed by Dr. Of Physical Therapy Michael Hornak. This service will provide you with a game plan to combat any mobility issues you may be facing. Michael if necessary, will give you a plan that you can work on at home in addition to what you will do here during your workout. You can schedule your SPARC ASSESSMENT HERE.

The bottom line is, if you want to be stronger more explosive and have a lower risk of injury and maximize your athletic potential you must commit to mobility. We can help you! Click Here to see Michael’s profile and all of our amazing coaches. Again, here at Genesis, we take ALL aspects of athleticism seriously and that gives our athletes the best tools available to maximize their abilities. Come see what sets us apart from the completion. Check out our website here!