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Best gym I've joined - great, challenging workouts complemented by phenomenal staff. Everyone is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work. You see a variety of workouts on a weekly basis - every week is different. Great tunes as well. Highly recommend.

- Mark Fennerty


Genesis is a wonderful place if you enjoy the comfort of the small business touch combined with pro level, serious training.
Instructors are all professional, committed to you, and personable. All levels are made to feel welcome. Their instruction leads to better balance, flexibility, strength, positive results, and smiles.
They actually make rehabbing and training fun.

- Robert Glassmeyer


Genesis changed my life! I thought a knee-replacement was inevitable; I couldn’t lose the pesky 5lbs; I wasn’t seeing positive changes with my routines.
The experts at Genesis helped me with my nutrition, physical therapy, and then adult fitness classes! I never thought I’d be brave enough to do classes in a sports performance gym - haha!!
The Genesis team brings deep knowledge & experience to everyone in a fun, encouraging, & no-judgement environment. It’s hard not to love the place.
I’m amazed at my positive changes, fitness level, and mobility. I wasn’t sure I could turn it around at my age, but then I took a leap of faith and called Graham at Genesis. Thank you Graham, Michael, Audrey, Andrew & team! You are AWESOME!

- Alison Madden


This place has been a special place in my life. I've been on and off from this place since I was 7 or 8 years old but I've always came back. Now I'm almost full time and everything from my sports to my weightlifting has improve tremendously. Definitely check them out.mend.

- Ayden Fahey


I have been apart of the Genesis Sports Performance family for a short period of time but I have witnessed a rapid increase in my physical strength and muscle growth for the one summer I attended. I highly suggest this for players of all sports and athletes of all ages.

- Parker Spellacy


Their trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful with modifications when needed. They’re very adaptive to each individual and what they need, whether it’s their older clientele or their youth training, they are attentive to all types of clients. Whether you’re trying to get back in shape or need a push to take performance to the next level this is your place..

- Beth Olson


I love Genesis! Quality equipment, programming and a true personal experience. Whether you’re a high school, college or professional athlete, or just an adult trying to stay in shape like me. They have you covered. Highly recommend.

- David Dellen


The best gym I've ever been too. The trainers are top tier and will never lead you wrong. You will see results quickly because they have such a great system and understanding of athletic training.

- Kyle Zumdome

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